Scarlett Segal is a French born and London-based abstract artist who explores spatial perception and representation in a multi-disciplinary practice that includes paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs and installation.

Her abstract paintings with multiple point perspective are infused with energy, direction, variability and speed through carefully considered placement of opaque and transparent layers. The viewer travels in a constructed world of complex geometry that defies gravity and intensifies space, feeling in turn anchored then transported into a different spot. It is an ongoing journey of exploration of what is real and what is not, which raises questions about the emotional and aesthetic implications of artificial visual worlds. By animating the shapes of her two-dimensional works, Scarlett investigates the basic conditions of perception and how we construct our own conception of reality out of them in an increasingly technology-driven world.

In her printmaking practice, she combines a wide range of techniques and processes often associating disciplines such as photography and etching, relief and etching, hence defying boundaries and using latest technical advancements to heighten traditional practices. Her photographs capture details of architecture and urban space searching for the essence of the city and often missed elements that act as a metaphor for structure and energy. The outcome is an exploration of the interplay between photography and spatial representation.

Scarlett’s body of work is an interrogation of the relationships between different forms of representation, playing off the two-dimensional language of the paintings and prints and the structural language of three- dimensional construction processes. She has a playful approach to the use of materials such as steel, Perspex and resin, which reflects her fascination for the fusion between art and architecture. Whilst Scarlett draws on the legacy of Suprematist and Constructivist artists as well as Deconstructivist architects, she does not aim to resurrect certain aspects of Modernism but to revisit some of the ongoing questions in the context of 21st century modernity.

Scarlett has just completed her final year of the Fine Art Diploma at the London Art Academy.


Diploma in Fine Art at London Art Academy

Exhibited at the Menier Gallery Southwark
Winner of The Kennerley prize for Academic Excellence

Exhibited at the Southwark Borough Council
Exhibited at the Art Academy Print Show

Exhibited at Jardinique Antiques Hampshire