Scarlett Segal is a French born and London-based multi-disciplinary artist whose practice reflects her fascination for the constant development within the urban environment, its architecture, its speed, and its people. Rather than re-creating an exact likeness of a cityscape, Scarlett aims to capture its essence by combining fluid compositions with austere geometric shapes, which both act as a metaphor for energy. Her body of work consists of paintings, prints, sculptures and animation. She aims to develop her own spatial language and create immersive experiences .

Scarlett is interested in the interplay between two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements and the fusion between art and architecture. Her shapes are infused with energy, direction, variability and speed, drawing on the legacy of Suprematist and Constructivist artists and 21st century Deconstructivist architects.

Scarlett’s abstract prints and paintings are a geography of complex geometry, with multiple perspectives that defy gravity and intensify space.  She gives equal importance to the surrounding architectural structures, referring to the wall, the floor, and the ceiling as the unsung heroes of art display. The whole space is her canvas.  

Her artistic process is an ongoing exploration of materials and processes. She draws with steel and shadows; she layers colours with resin and Perspex; she projects her animations through those complex layers, creating depth and a disorientating experience, that serves to echo the dichotomy inherent to any city, a world of man-made beauty and self-inflicted alienation fed by fast-moving global cultures of habits and consumerism.




Diploma in Fine Art at London Art Academy

Exhibited at the Menier Gallery Southwark
Winner of The Kennerley prize for Academic Excellence

Exhibited at the Southwark Borough Council
Exhibited at the Art Academy Print Show

Exhibited at Jardinique Antiques Hampshire